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SWFLGG General Meeting
Saturday, March 7th, 2015 - 10:30 am
Mid-County Regional Library
2050 Forrest Nelson Boulevard - Port Charlotte, FL
Finding Your Ancestors With FindAGrave.Com
Presented by Julia McIntyre
Before we can "cross the pond" to research in Germany, we must know the hometown of our ancestor.  FindAGrave.com has over 122 million records, often with useful information added by the family or another researcher.  Julia will show you how best to use this site... even beyond the grave. 

Did you know???

German Immigration Waves
Few Germans immigrated during the period 1775 to 1815, primarily because of the wars in Europe. After 1820, immigration increased significantly.  The 19th century immigrant came for economic reasons.  Immigration continued until 1900 at varying levels depending upon the conditions in Germany and in Europe generally.
The first of three waves of German immigration occurred between 1846 and 1858. The failed German social revolutions of 1848 caused many well-educated Germans to emigrate for political reasons. 
The second wave occurred after the American Civil War, 1865-1875.
The third major wave came from 1879 through the early 1890s, peaking in 1882 with the immigration of 250,000 Germans. 
Between 1683 and 1970, approximately 7 million Germans immigrated to the U.S.

Websites to check!

"FULL FEATURED" Websites (2015 Seminar)
http://www.genealogy.net - The number one source in German genealogy.
http://www.ancestry.com - The world leader for online genealogy has a growing German collection.
http://www.familysearch.org - Access the phenomenal collection of the Family History Library.
http://www.GeneaNet.org - European oriented genealogy site with 1.4 billion entries in various databases.
http://www.Ahnenforschung.net - The German Genealogical Web Directory (German only)
"Internet Sources for German research" by Kory Meyerink
Have you checked the "LINKS" on this website?  
There are so many that could be of help to you!

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General Meeting
March 7, 2015 - 10:30 am - Mid-County Regional Library, Port Charlotte

Searching for your German Ancestry
Check the many new German records on Ancestry.com. You'll be busy... busy... busy!

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