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The Next Meeting of SWFLGG

Saturday, November 8, 2014
10:30 am
Mid-County Regional Library
2050 Forrest Nelson Boulevard
Watch for program details shortly. 

Local Genealogy Society Endows Libraries in Five Counties
Eight years ago, a number of local genealogy enthusiasts banded together to form a single organization dedicated to researching their ancestors from German speaking countries.  Historically, that included areas of Europe from Luxembourg to Switzerland, Alsace-Lorraine, parts of Poland and today’s Slavic states, and more.  In November, 2006, the Southwest Florida Germanic Genealogy Society, (SWFLGG), was born.  
Today, the society is a community oriented non-profit with an extensive website, and boasts membership from Tampa to Naples.  It hosts free public programs based in Port Charlotte every two months from September through May offering lectures and workshops in Germanic and sometimes general genealogy. Most recently, it has completed a 6 month long project to gift books valued at a total of $500 to each of the five county library systems represented by the membership, Charlotte, Collier, Lee, Sarasota and Pinellas.
The total outlay of $2,500 for the project was derived of proceeds from the society’s annual winter seminar in which an expert genealogist is invited to present a day-long workshop in German genealogy to the membership and to the interested public with advance registration.  The 2014 seminar with renowned genealogist and lecturer, Dr. Roger Minert, PhD, A.G. of Salt Lake City, had drawn record attendance.
It took 6 months for representative members appointed from each county to meet with their library’s staff and determine which books would best benefit the German genealogy collection of that library, then to carefully filter through and approve results.  Long hours were spent locating and searching for the “best buys” for those finally chosen.
Distribution of the actual volumes was made in a formal presentation at the society’s September 13th meeting at Port Charlotte’s Mid-County Regional Library.  This took place at the general meeting following the scheduled program.  
Lee County Charlotte County Pinellas County
Collier County Sarasota County Collier County

German Dates

Dates in German records can be confusing. 

The abbreviations 7ber, 8ber, 9ber, and 10ber refer to September, October, November and December, a carryover from the Old-Style calendar, which started the year on March 25.

Roman numerals also may be used: Xber and Xbr refer to December. But if the Roman numerals aren't followed by -ber, -br, or -bris, they conform to the new calendar style, with X for October, XI for November and XII for December.

Websites to check!

RESEARCH CHECKLIST in EVERNOTE - This website offers a ten minute video on creating genealogy checklist in Evernote. There are plenty of other things to explore here, too. - http://www.thearmchairgenealogist.com/2014/06/creating-research-checklist-in-evernote.html
Germanic Genealogy Society, St. Paul, MN
Alphabetical list of German towns, 1900-1910
A "How-To" Manual for the new FamilySearch website
"Internet Sources for German research" by Kory Meyerink

The SWFLGG Surname Database

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Of Interest...

General Meeting
November 8, 2014 - 10:30 am - Mid-County Regional Library, Port Charlotte

2015 Seminar
January 24, 2015 featuring noted German Genealogist Kory Myerkink. Watch for details in the near future.

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